August Goal Setting

Hello friends!

I can’t believe how quickly July went. I am officially moved out of Washington, D.C. and staying at my fiance’s family home in Massachusetts! I have two weeks off before I start my new job, so I’m taking this time to get settled, work on the blog, and catch up with old friends. We’ll be staying here for at least a month or two while my fiance looks for work. I feel extremely lucky that we have a family to support us and that we aren’t trying to rent an apartment on one income. That said, it’s definitely challenging being in this extended transition and living out of a suitcase!

Read my July Goal Setting post here. 

Personal Goals:

July in Review:

So I mostly didn’t achieve these goals, and I feel okay about that. It was a busy time and I feel like having flexibility is important!

  • Purge unnecessary kitchen stuff during the move –  DONE! It was hard, but I feel good about what we got rid of.
  • Journal 4x per week – FAIL! But I did journal more often than I ever have before. And, writing that stuff got me thinking of blog posts and other non-blog writing projects that I’m excited about!
  • Gym 4x per week – FAIL!  I made it the first two weeks, but as the move got closer and we got busier, it just wasn’t achievable.
  • Meditate 2x per week – FAIL! I meditated… a couple times! I think this is an instance of my trying to force something I think I’m supposed to do without really wanting to do it. I’ve enjoyed meditation in the past, but for some reason having this as a goal made me feel like it was such a chore… I just couldn’t get into it.

August Goals:

I’ve challenged myself to only buy clothing from consignment stores in 2016. 7 months down and I’m doing well, but it is very challenging now that I’m starting a new job. I’m getting the itch to go shopping, especially because this company has a more formal dress code than where I’ve been working for the past two years. If I’m honest with myself, I can probably make it through the end of the year on the clothes that I have.

  • Go on an overnight hiking trip
  • Average 10k steps / day
  • Dress well for first two weeks of work without buying new clothes

Financial Goals:

July in Review:

  • Save an extra $200 (outside of regular savings) – DONE! $100 extra to retirement and $100 extra to
  • Get up to the $20 cash out threshold on Ibotta – LITTLE FAIL! I’m nine cents away from cashing out!!! Lol. Will definitely make it on the next grocery trip.
  • Cash out my ThreadUp account – HUGE FAIL! I sent a big bag of quality stuff to ThredUp. They only accepted 3 items and gave me $1.55 – not enough to cover the shipping they charge for the service. I’m disappointed and a little ticked off, but at least all of that is out of the house.
  • Get Walt on my savings account. – DONE! And we have a joint checking account like a real grown up couple! Woo!
  • Get our full security deposit back (aka CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN) – TBD. We did a pretty good job but haven’t heard back from the landlord about if he’s taking anything out.

August Goals:

  • Don’t dip into savings – I don’t think I’ll get my first paycheck from my new job until September! So I’m gonna do my best
  • Earn $100 – Potentially babysitting, potentially housework, but I’ve gotta bring some cash in.

Blog Goals:

July in Review:

  • Develop a freebie for email subscribers – FAIL! Honestly, I had time for this but I spent it on other things.
  • Write at least 1 article per week – DONE!
  • Get blog views up from 189 to at least 400 – DONE! This was sort of a cheat goal because the blog was only up 3/4 of the month in June, but I’m happy to take the win.
  • Develop strong and consistent brand colors and fonts – DONE! New logo and colors, set up some Pinterest templates, and I’m excited to have branded freebies soon.
  • Get a PO box – DONE! Sort of. I signed up for one in MA where we just moved to, but I still have to physically go to the Post Office and get my key

It wasn’t on my goals, but I did set up a twitter account for the blog. Follow me here! 

August Goals

  • Grow from 417 to 700 page views – right now I promote the blog pretty minimally, and I’m not trying to increase the time I spend promoting the blog. (See Why I’m Not Treating My Blog Like A Business) But I would like to keep producing good content, and hopefully that will drive increased traffic.
  • Write 1 blog post per week
  • Send 1st email out to mailing list
  • Create a freebie – I have a couple ideas, and I want to actually get going on them!