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Is it immoral to be rich?

On June 14th, A.Q. Smith wrote a piece for Current Affairs titled It’s Basically Just Immoral To Be Rich. Smith’s basic thesis is that in times of widespread economic poverty having immense wealth is immoral. He believes the act of not giving away your excess income to those in need makes you complicit in their suffering. Smith rightly points out that…

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What To Do If You Don’t Win The Lottery

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In 2015 I was working as an AmeriCorps volunteer, which pays about $1k per month, and somebody graciously offered to teach my cohort how to budget and live on our meager salaries while also planning for the future. As somebody who’d grown up talking about money, worked as a teller, and earned an accounting degree, I felt pretty confident about how…

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One Month to Minimalism Challenge

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Minimalism hasn’t always been attractive to me. I grew up very worried about money, and I used to dream about  having enough to buy a huge house and fill it up with things – a collection of designer purses, 40 piece copper cookware sets, clothes that I would only wear on cruise ships, and a library of a thousand books.…

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