July Goal Setting

Hi friends!

I’m here today with some goals for July. This will be a busy month for me as my fiance and I are moving 400+ miles north to our home state of Massachusetts. We’ve got a preliminary trip up over the 4th of July weekend (hello, traffic!) and then the last weekend we’ll be loading everything else we own into our car and leaving our D.C. home for good (goodbye, bottomless brunch!).

I’m pretty excited to be closer to our families and all our old friends, but it’s definitely bittersweet. I’ve really enjoyed living in D.C., especially because Walt and I get to walk to and from work together every day. It’s a triple win because we save money on transportation, get regular exercise, and great quality time every day! It will be interesting to see how our lives change with this move.


Personal Goals:

In my ever-evolving campaign to simplify our lives, I’ve decided to use this move as an opportunity to evaluate what’s really necessary in our home. Now, since we’ve been packing for about a month and moving things up slowly, I’ve already been getting rid of a lot of stuff. The one room I haven’t conquered yet is the kitchen (so many high shelves and nooks and crannies!) The rest of my goals focus on mindfulness and health, which I’m hoping to improve on.

  • Purge unnecessary kitchen stuff during the move
  • Journal 4x per week
  • Gym 4x per week
  • Meditate 2x per week

Financial Goals:

Since we’re moving and I’ll have two unpaid weeks before starting my new job, I’m a little concerned about cash. So, I’m hoping to save extra money, as well as earn a little bit extra. We’re also in the midst of combining our finances, and I want to get our accounts squared away before we set up new direct deposits.

  • Save an extra $200 (outside of regular savings)
  • Get up to the $20 cash out threshold on Ibotta
  • Cash out my ThreadUp account
  • Get Walt on my savings account.
  • Get our full security deposit back (aka CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN)

Blog Goals:

I feel like the first month of blogging as been a success! I’ve already learned a lot, and I’m enjoying flexing my writing muscles again for the first time in a long time. For the time being, I am happy to take it slow, but there are definitely some improvements I want to make to the site this month.

  • Develop a freebie for email subscribers
  • Write at least 1 article per week
  • Get blog views up from 189 to at least 400
  • Develop strong and consistent brand colors and fonts
  • Get a PO box

And that’s it!