June 25th – Sunday Meal Planning

Happy Sunday friends! As you may know, we’re planning a move in about a month, so I’m focused on starting to empty our cupboards of those stray canned beans, bags of lentils, pastas, breadcrumbs, and miscellaneous things we’ve stocked up on in our time here.

This week, we had a lot of what we needed already, so our grocery bill came out to only $76! We’ll probably spend another $20-$30 on snacks throughout the week, but that’s still not too shabby.

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Monday : Lentil Sloppy Joes –  $9
Tuesday:  – Edamame with rice – $6
Wednesday: Date night at the farmer’s market – $28
Thursday: Shakshuka with kale – $5
Friday: Homemade pizza with ricotta and caramelized onions– $5

Something that I’m really excited about: this week I am making my own sourdough starter for the pizza dough. We’ll see how that turns out… if it goes well maybe I’ll make a loaf or two as well!