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August Goal Setting

Hello friends! I can’t believe how quickly July went. I am officially moved out of Washington, D.C. and staying at my fiance’s family home in Massachusetts! I have two weeks off before I start my new job, so I’m taking this time to get settled, work on the blog, and catch up with old friends. We’ll be staying here for…

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Why I’m Not Treating My Blog Like A Business

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This morning I got an email from a blogger that I follow. The subject line was “Stop Treating Your Blog Like A Hobby” To which I say, “Don’t tell me what to do with my blog, lady!” Now, I’m all for blogger/entrepreneurs monetizing their blogs in any way they feel comfortable with. I would be thrilled if this blog paid…

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July Goal Setting

Hi friends! I’m here today with some goals for July. This will be a busy month for me as my fiance and I are moving 400+ miles north to our home state of Massachusetts. We’ve got a preliminary trip up over the 4th of July weekend (hello, traffic!) and then the last weekend we’ll be loading everything else we own…

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June 25th – Sunday Meal Planning

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Happy Sunday friends! As you may know, we’re planning a move in about a month, so I’m focused on starting to empty our cupboards of those stray canned beans, bags of lentils, pastas, breadcrumbs, and miscellaneous things we’ve stocked up on in our time here. This week, we had a lot of what we needed already, so our grocery bill…

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June 18th – Sunday Meal Planning

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I’m thinking I’ll share a weekly budget-friendly dinner plan that my fiance and I use. This week we have: Monday : Lentil Burgers – ~ $8 Tuesday: Frozen Pizza – $6 Wednesday: Date night at the farmer’s market – $28 Thursday: Broccoli Risotto – ~$10 Friday: Pasta with veggies (TBD based on what’s at the market!) – $9 Total for…

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