Why I’m Not Treating My Blog Like A Business

This morning I got an email from a blogger that I follow. The subject line was “Stop Treating Your Blog Like A Hobby”

To which I say, “Don’t tell me what to do with my blog, lady!”

Now, I’m all for blogger/entrepreneurs monetizing their blogs in any way they feel comfortable with. I would be thrilled if this blog paid for itself! I would be thrilled if this blog paid for my early retirement. But that’s not my goal. (At least, not right now.)

Here’s my thinking:

If this blog was a business, I wouldn’t get to do whatever I want.

To me, right now, this blog is a passion project. I get to explore any topic I want, really. I can talk about self care or cheap recipes or savings accounts or minimalism. If I was trying to monetize aggressively, that would affect the content I create. I might be scared that certain topics would chase readers away.

I wouldn’t truly have the freedom to use this blog as a form of expression, because I would be too consumed with trying to bring more and more people in.

Because ultimately…

If this blog was a business, I would care about it making money.

I was a business major and now I’m an accountant. Money matters to me. Duhhh… that’s why I’m a personal finance blogger! I know all of the work and investment that goes into entrepreneurship. And some people absolutely love that risk/reward situation.

Me? I’m pretty content right now. To me, this blog is a creative outlet.  It’s something that I paid like $80 for, and I think it’s already money well spent. I’ve blown $80 on all kinds of dumb stuff!

If this blog was a business, I’d probably be pouring a lot more cash into it. And then I would be expecting some returns on that cash, and that’s where the problems start.

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert has this amazing quotation:

“But to yell at your creativity, saying, “You must earn money for me!” is sort of like yelling at a cat; it has no idea what you’re talking about, and all you’re doing is scaring it away, because you’re making really loud noises and your face looks weird when you do that.”

I love  having this platform for my thoughts. I love that I could get that email this morning and instantly write a post about it. I love that I can share part of me with the world.

And asking this blog to make money for me might kill those great things. It would put pressure on my creativity to produce one specific thing: cash. It might stress me out a lot. I might take sponsored posts that weaken the content here. I might hate all the admin work. I might hate writing marketing emails. I might even start to hate writing.

That’s the opposite of what I want.


If this blog was a business, it would be a job.

And I already have one of those! Basically, until I’m ready to quit that job, this blog will stay a hobby that is fun and fulfilling for me. I’m not going to chase down readers – I’ll post to Pinterest. I’ll hang out on the forums. I’ll even throw in affiliate amazon links (like the one above) to posts where it makes sense.

But I’m not going to stress about the external stuff! If it happens, it happens. This blog is about living your best life, and part of that is being true to yourself. My best life right now doesn’t involve running a business. It just involves running a blog.