One Month to Minimalism Challenge

Minimalism hasn’t always been attractive to me. I grew up very worried about money, and I used to dream about  having enough to buy a huge house and fill it up with things – a collection of designer purses, 40 piece copper cookware sets, clothes that I would only wear on cruise ships, and a library of a thousand books.

Now, though? I’m more interested in simplicity. I’m happy to have our smaller collection of pots and pans that we actually USE every day. I appreciate the nicer things we have – our kitchen aid and our blender, for instance – because I know they’ll last us forever.

Not to mention, the fewer things in our house, the easier it is to clean! And, as somebody who is constantly losing things, I can tell you it’s a lot easier to find what I need when there’s not a thousand places to look.

Are you interested in starting a minimalist lifestyle? Are you a beginner minimalist? Here’s a four week guide to starting your journey to minimalism, or to getting back on track.


What do you think of minimalism? Are there things you just can’t bring yourself to part with?