State of the Blogger – Net Worth and Life Update

Hello friends,

Have you missed me? I haven’t posted in about six weeks, which feels like a lifetime! Truthfully, I’ve had time to write, but kept putting it off for a couple of reasons:

  1. There have been so many new and amazing things going on! More on that later.
  2. The longer it went without writing, the harder it was to start. (I think blogging is like the gym in that way.)


So before any more time went by, I wanted to give you all an update on where we stand. In one of my first posts, I wrote that I had a positive net worth, which was true! And not much has changed, but my partner and I have now fully combined our finances, so it seems disingenuous to exclude his accounts from the calculations. Afterall, when you marry the love of your life, you also marry their debt.

So without further ado – our net worth! -$30,343.83!


Wahooooo! Back in the red, baby!

The cash balance is relatively high due to the wedding expenses coming up- we need to be fairly liquid. Which also means that in six-eight months our net worth might not move at all, since we’ll be spending the savings at a similar rate as we are paying off our debt. Yeeeeesh.

Also, I am now once again an official Massachusetts resident! My honey and I moved out to the rural part of Central MA and I joined a small accounting firm in this sweet little town. We’re currently enjoying double the square footage for half the rent of our D.C. apartment – and I can still walk to work! Did I mention we live 20 minutes from a gorgeous mountain with several hiking trails? I am living the dream. 

Some of my country living frugal wins:

  • New, huge kitchen in combination with fewer restaurant choices means way more home cooked meals!
  • Newly found love of bread making making groceries less expensive!
  • Thrifted furniture – a $6 coffee table, $4 desk, $2.50 lamp, and $75 beautiful antique dresser
  • Plenty of space means my partner can operate a small business from our office
  • The family owned gym the next town over is only $30 per month! (We’re definitely researching if it will make sense for us to invest in some home workout equipment and skip this altogether, but for now I’m happy to pay it. Way better than a Planet Fitness and way cheaper than a boutique place)
  • Nobody invites me out for things that go past 9 p.m. (This isn’t a frugal win but it is still a win, since I like to go to bed at 8:30. If you start going to bed at 8:30, you will save money. Trust me!)
  • Walking outside is free +healthy, and we are .25 miles from a walking trail and 10 miles away from a mountain. FREE ACTIVITIES ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

I hope to get back into the swing of things posting here, but I’m happy that I took the time to get settled in my new home and to figure out what this rural life means for me. Overall, I’m loving it!

City-dwellers, have you considered moving to the country to save money?


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